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Welcome to this web-site which I hope will be seminal in the genesis of an Authentic Clan Laurie Society.
My name is Iain Laurence Mann Laurie and I reside in Elgin. Scotland.

You will be aware that the notable family name of Laurie has its roots extending back centuries. In Scotland the family were recorded in Maxwelltoun and extended to Redcastle in Kirkudbright and Polmont near Linlithgow. The latter area is the recorded source of my branch of the family. In earlier times the Laurie familys allegedly sought the protection of the stronger clans of Gordon and Maclaren. Be that as it may, I think the time has come for the global family Laurie to have it's own identity, whilst recognising there may be historic ties that bind us to Clans Gordon and Mclaren.
I have taken a great interest in the family name to the extent that I commissioned the design and registered the Laurie, Lowry and Lawrie Tartans, and have long aspired to see an established Clan Laurie .
I therefore petitioned the Lord Lyon to grant me Armorial bearings, including shield, crest and motto, and also suggested possible designs for the crest and shield, and submitted my thoughts for a Clan motto and war cry.
To my great delight the Lord Lyon graciously acceeded to my petition and I am presently awaiting the letters patent to be issued. These arms are of course are specific to myself, although informally this rule does not always obtain, so I would be pleased to place them on the official web-site.

My ambition for Clan Laurie is to establish a world-wide organisation dedicated to providing a focus, and sharing information, on topics of interest to all families and individuals who share the illustrious name of Laurie, and all its variants.

This would be effected by establishing the Clan Laurie Society, with branches in all the major English speaking nations, by enlisting the talents of visionary and industrious Lauries.

Proposed Clan Laurie Society
The Clan Society would be a means to bring together those who bear the Laurie name, descendants of Lauries through either female or male lines, or those with an interest in the Laurie name. The Clan Laurie Society would cultivate a spirit of kinship and pride, and provide information about the history, culture, and activities of Lauries.
The Society would provide a meeting place for all Lauries at various Highland Gatherings and Games, and provide the opportunity for Laurie descendants and affiliates to meet with and develop friendships with other members, and to become part of an extended family of Lauries who share a common heritage and interest.
I need a pool of motivated individuals who are willing to support the clan, to hold office in the clan and accept the responsibility of helping to administer it and increase its presence in the Scottish movement, and generally help promote Scotland’s interests in the world community.
The GB office bearers are likely to be as follows:

Honorary Life President -- Iain Laurie (Heidbummer of Clan L),
Hon. Vice Presidents (Chairpersons of the various overseas branches),
President, Iain laurie
Vice President,
Members of Council, consisting of General Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Editor of Magazine (Clan Laurie Chronicle ?), and six members.

The initial term of office will probably be three years, thereafter elections would be held to appoint office bearers.
All the Convenors of the national branches, such as USA, Canada, New Zealand etc, would video conference via Skype or communicate by other appropriate technology, and an annual report would be provided for members.

It is anticipated that he organisation would be a non profit making registered charity, and would derive funding from various sources.
(1) membership subscriptions (2) donations (3) legacies (4) Clan Laurie Store selling tartan, whisky,cap badges, tee shirts etc.

A biographical description of Notable Lauries would be placed on the web-site. eg: Annie Laurie, L S Lowry, etc etc.

A family research facility might be available and a geneology unit would keep records for all known Lawries, Loweries, Laverys etc.

A Laurie Gathering would be organised possibly in conjunction with a prestigious Highland games.
The first one would be in Scotland (2014, associated with the planned Gathering ???) and the second in the USA, Therafter the gathering might rotate from country to country, and would be regarded as one big family holiday.

Funds might eventually (next century????) be allocated for the purchase, preservation and restoration of a former Laurie family property in Scotland to serve as a heritage centre.
This is presently an aspiration and I am cognizant that all or none of the above may be achieved. Everything depends on your response.

At this juncture I have purchased two web-sites. (1) (2years), and (10 years) and I have set up a Clan Laurie bank account and will establish a Paypal account.
I am meantime utilising in order to initiate and recruit for the Clan Laurie Soc, and I anticipate the latter web-site will host the official Clan Laurie Society business.
If you wish to assist me establish the Clan Laurie Society, or wish more information, or join the society, then contact me with your full information at

E-mail :
post : Iain laurie, 149 Morriston Road, ELGIN. IV30 4NB. UK.

It would be helpful if you advise me of any expertise you could offer, such as web designer, webmaster, secretarial skills, accountancy expertise, etc., in addition to a long term enthusiasm for the project. I would also appreciate your own ideas for Clan Laurie Society since the project is presently not fully developed.

Meantime I will run the society and have set an initial subscription at £12 sterling, or equivalent in your local currency, for annual membership.
Please send a cheque made out to the "Clan Laurie Society" to me:
Iain Laurie, Clan Laurie Society, 149 Morriston Road, Elgin. IV 30 4NB.

The Clan Laurie war-cry is " No Challenge Unanswered".
Will you rise to the challenge and support this project or at least spread the word among Lauries of your ken?
The launch date for the Clan Laurie Society will be on Saturday 6th April 2013, which is Scottish National Tartan day.

Yours aye,
Iain L M Laurie. (Heid bummer)



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